Claying Your Vehicle

Class in session!

First a lesson in terminology. Cleaning your vehicle is not the same as washing your vehicle. Paint cleaning is the process of removing oxidation and bonded contamination on your paints surface. Your cars paint can look shiny and be very dirty. The best inspection is with your hands, not your eyes. So, after you wash and dry your car, feel the paint with your finger tips. Is it a smooth glassy feel, or do your fingers drag on the rough, dirty feeling surface? the roughness needs to be removed. This is the purpose of Detailing Clay. Detail clay removes all of the surface contamination without damaging the surface or thinning the clear coat. Now if you want a more true deeper shine we suggest you clay paint surface before adding wax or sealant.


This is a picture of a clay bar after treatment of half of the hood. This is also after washing the car :(. Poor paint lol.